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Fire breathing metal sculpture - Frederika

This amazing 2 metre high animated metal sculpture was made by its highly skilled creator, and was an exhibit in Somerset Arts Weeks 2021. It was made from scrap metal and contains a mass of electronic circuitry. It features aluminium welded wings and aluminium motor bike frame body with motor bike exhaust arms. Its wings and talons move, the eyes glow and fire can be made to spurt from its claws. The wings and talons are driven by 24v dc motors run on a 12v supply, for slower motion

There are eight separate propane burners that can project 1-2 m flames which are activated electronically from a manual control box. Iain, the creator, is currently building a semi-automatic system, with the potential for remote control.

Frederika performed fire shows in the Unfairground at the Glastonbury Festival 2019

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