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Schoolphysics is the site for both pupils and teachers of Physics whether studied as single subject or as part of a combined Science course. Large sections of the site are free to all users and there is also a CD that may be purchased which contains all the material of the site and some additional topics.

The material is divided into three levels:

Age 11-14: suitable for 11-14 year old pupils and their teachers
Age 14-16: suitable for 14-16 year old pupils and their teachers
Age 16-19: suitable for 16-19 year old pupils and their teachers

Within the three levels there are:
Over 1800 Pages of text and 3000 problems

Bridging the levels is a set of over 100 Physics and Astronomy animations, a Physics and Astronomy dictionary, a History of Physics and Astronomy, a collection of over 2000 diagrams, photographic images and GCSE and AS/A2 Specification references. The CD also contains lesson plans, answers, test questions, OHT sheets, and Toys in Physics as well as over 700 Creative Teaching Ideas.

If you find the material useful I am pleased. If you would like any more, or if what you need is not included please email me. I will do my best to include it as soon as possible. The site will be continually updated as suggestions come in. Please feel free to download any material, put it in your work and use individual sections of text and pictures.

I am very grateful to my wife for her understanding during many hours that I have spent at the computer. I would also like to thank Leila for designing the site and Grant for writing the coding. My cousin John has also been a great help in the conversion of the site to a version that can be used on a USB and with the use of Action Script and html5 to write the animations. I am also grateful for the knowledge and help of my colleagues at a number of schools.

However also I owe an enormous debt of thanks to my many Physics students over the years.

Finally, any mistakes are my responsibility alone. Hopefully there are few but I apologise in advance for those that you will inevitably find.

Good luck and best wishes.

Keith Gibbs
Taunton, August 2016


© Keith Gibbs