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Essay topics

Lightning The Coriolis effect The quest for absolute zero
Physics in the 18th century Physics in the 19th century Physics in the 20th century
Physics in the 21st century The evolution of the galaxies Antimatter
Black holes Superconductivity Continental drift
The hunting of the quark Space re-entry Steam engines
The Stirling engine Fundamental particles Earth resource facilities
The future of nuclear fusion The nuclear fission reactor Energy resources
Radioactivity and time Supersonic transports Uncertainty
Particle accelerators The discovery of the W- Energy resources
The Crab nebula The Physics of Halley’s comet Energy resources
The red shift Radio galaxies Atomic clocks
Maser The uses of the laser The Physics of glass
Carbon fibre structures The dual nature of light Radioisotopes in industry
Parity - left and right handedness Diesel engines Aircraft wing shapes
Wernher von Braun: the space race Robert Oppenheimer: the atomic bomb Isaac Newton: the laws of motion
Galileo Galilei: the Solar System Henry Cavendish: the measurement of G Michael Faraday: electromagnetism
James Rutherford: the nuclear atom The Physics of Music Sound recording
Nobel prizewinners in Physics The Physics of the tides The unit of length
The unit of time Biophysics Audio amplifiers
The history of photograph The charm particle Gravity waves
Physics and religion The microcomputer Space physics
Electronic music The linear induction motor Physics of the mind
LCD televisions 3D television Colour television
Video discs The Internet Communication systems
Tidal and wave power Geothermal energy Solar energy
Wind farms Energy conservation The Rutherford laboratory
The National Physical Laboratory The Cavendish laboratory The Science Museum
Harwell CERN The integrated circuit
Artificial intelligence Logic circuits The teaching of Physics
Propulsion in space Vibration in machinery The fourth dimension
The design of bridges Modern building techniques Industrial archaeology
Man-powered flight Fibre optics The Physics of sport
Photoelasticity Liquid crystals White holes in space
Mobile phones Electric vehicles The physics of the oboe
High-speed boats Chaos Theory MRI scanners
CCD cameras in astronomy Dark matter The limiting size of atoms

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