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The aim of this site is that is should be of use to both teachers of Physics to pupils from the age of about 11 to 19 and to the pupils themselves.

It has deliberately not focussed on any particular syllabus or indeed any particular country.

Teachers and pupils in the UK

However in the UK it will be of particular use to students studying for Key Stage 3 (KS 3), Key Stage 4 (KS 4) (GCSE), AS level and A2 level.

The GCSE work is covered by the age ranges 11-14 and 14-16 and the AS and A2 work by the age range 16-19. However those studying for Physics A level will find many of the topics included in the GCSE sections at a simpler level and so should find them a useful basis for the greater demands of the Physics AS and Physics A2 courses.

I am most grateful to the examination boards for allowing me to quote modified versions of their Physics and Science specifications at both GCSE, AS and A2 level although these now need updating.

Although at GCSE level the site is primarily for Physics GCSE pupils, those studying for Dual Award Science GCSE will find that the Physics part of their course is more than covered in the site.

At AS and A2 level the core of the subject has been covered and also parts of the Option topics.

Teachers and pupils in other countries

I hope that you will find what you need in the site. If you do not and if your courses require other material please use the Contact Us button on the home page to ask for that to be included. I would really welcome contact from teachers and students in other countries.

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