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Age 14 - 16

Current electricity

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Ammeter and voltmeter connections Ammeter circuits Charge and current Circuit puzzles Direct and alternating current Electrical appliances Electrical circuits current and charge Electrical energy and voltage Electrical heating Electrical power Electrical power investigation Electrical symbols Energy transfer in electricity Ionisation LDR and thermistor Ohm's law Particles and fields Paying for electricity Rectification Resistance Resistance circuit Rheostat Series and parallel circuits Series and parallel components Series circuits Superconductivity Voltage current and resistance equation Voltmeter circuits Volts amps and joules


Ammeter circuits Power of a lamp and a small motor Current as moving charge (demo) Light bulb output Ohm's law Parallel circuit puzzle 1 Parallel circuit puzzle 2 Resistance and length Salt meter Salt meter Series circuit puzzle 1 Series circuit puzzle 2 Thermistor resistance Voltmeter circuits


Ammeter circuits Charge and current Current electricity Electrical power Electricity 1 word search Electricity 2 word search Electricity revision sheet Electric circuits 1 Electric circuits 1 pdf Electric circuits 2 Electric circuits 2 pdf Electric circuits 3 Electric circuits 3 pdf Electric current 4 Electric circuits 4 pdf Electric circuits 5 Ohms's Law and resistance Voltage and energy problems Voltage, current and resistance Voltage current resistance power grid Voltmeters and voltage Voltmeter circuits Why are electrical devices so useful?
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